Inspiration and style

In the collection AW17-18, the designer turned to the idea of ​​reviving the historical epochs in terms of her new modern interpretation. Thus was born the collection conveying the details and moods of the Victorian era’s spirit with faint notes of its aristocratic gothic and sustained with characteristic of J.Perekriostova brand Asian stylistics. The inspiring source that dominates in the collection silhouette became a tuxedo and its cut and elements are presented in jackets and dresses. 



The key emphasis of the collection is placed on high stand-up collars in white shirts, jabot, acute form of shoulder and drapes of tulle. Asymmetry, deconstructivism, transforming and removable parts are specific details of the brand style. Traditionally for the brand, top items of warm clothing are widely represented, of which the ‘down-padded-coat-in-the-style-of-a-sundress’ deserves a special attention. In the AW17-18 season, white shirts, which have already become the iconic items of the brand, have attained a more romantic painting due to draperies, removable jabot and transparent organza.

Colour and fabric

Experimenting with shape and cut remains a distinctive feature of J.Perekriostova style. Black and white are dominant colours. Black colour which is assigned by the theme of the collection does not distract from silhouette and shape, which has already become the major distinctive value of the brand. Dark palette of the collection is reduced with brown, terracotta and small checked patterned fabrics. The collection is made of high-quality natural fabrics – wool, cotton, silk taffeta, organza. Of the synthetic materials, which are used in the collection, are raincoat fabric, tulle and thermo stable materials.

While we are experiencing difficult times, a woman has to be strong, as she plays an important role among the people surrounding her. The heroine of the collection is a creator and guardian of eternal intellectual values. At the same time, dressed in the shirt of light-and-transparent organza, she keeps on being bold and tempting in her purely feminine way.

Photo: Alexey Ponomarev
Models: Yulia Hromtsova, Ekaterina Mouseychouk (L-Models)
MUA: Y.Vision Creative Group
Shoes: Antonio Biaggi
Studio: F11





  • Sleeveless dress with a zipper on the front Арт.1737
  • Dress with drapery on the front Арт.1738
  • Dress with zipper on the front Арт.1735
  • Dress with removable sleeves Арт.1736
  • Dress with knitted sleeves Арт.1745
  • Jacket-tuxedo Арт.1733
  • Jacket with asymmetrical front Арт.1743
  • Organza blouse with asymmetrical collar Арт.1747
  • Organza top Арт.1757
  • Organza blouse with a multilayered back Арт.1746
  • Shirt with slits in the armhole Арт.1748
  • Shirt with double-draped front Арт.1749
  • Shirt with two removable jabots Арт.1750
  • Cape Арт.1752
  • Coat of waterproof fabric and heat insulation material Арт.1751
  • Quilted coat with removable sleeves Арт.1753
  • Jacket Арт.1755
  • Coat-sarafan Арт.1754
  • Wrap-over trousers Арт.1732
  • Lengthened checked trousers Арт.1741
  • Pants-culottes Арт.1744
  • Skirt of asymmetric cut Арт.1742
  • Skirt Арт.1734
  • Wide lengthened trousers Арт.1739
  • Removable belt-straps with wide trousers Арт.1740
  • Collar Арт.1756