The idea to create a collection was inspired by the works of avant-garde sculptor Isabel Miramontes, whose visual language is a human being in all its ambiguity of strength and fragility, dreams and aspirations for freedom. The collection was named after an African female name Soda which has the meaning "dark-faced". The image of an African woman was chosen not by chance – it is just the character that the designer sees in the sculptor’s heroine and muse: graceful and elegant, beautiful in its complex diversity and unpredictability of character. All these qualities triggered response in the silhouettes and details of the collection and defined its character – intellectual casual womanliness dating back to the line of couture.

Style and silhouette
Being faithful to her favorite technique, the designer continues to play with multi-layeredness, deconstruction, length and asymmetry. The conjunction of western fashion character with culture of Japan is expressed in sculptural draperies of tops and dresses which were inspired by Japanese art of origami and realized in complex designer solutions. Experiments with the white shirt turn it into a dress with motifs of boho. The cut of some items is made on the principle of apron, which allows the client to be involved in the creative process of experimenting with the image and transform the model. The techniques of “patchwork” and “raw edges” are applied in some models. Maximal length and slightly lowered waistline add to womanliness and create a certain relaxation in the silhouette.

Colour and fabric
The range of colours is maintained in calm shades of the light blue, the olive-gray and the white with accents of the bright yellow. Basic fabrics are mixed jacquard, transparent silk organza and cambric. The designer uses materials of different densities and textures superposing and combining them with each other.

The woman of SS17 collection is not afraid to be in the center of attention. Her style of life is a story filled with everyday dynamics, where in addition to her favorite things, there is always a place for a party, a visit to an exhibition of contemporary art, or meeting with friends. Her actions can sometimes seem impractical to others, but she can afford it.

Photo:  Alexey Ponomarev
Model: Elizabet Tragerman L-Models
Model: Julia Oleynik L-Models
MUA, Hair: Y.Vision Creative Group
Shoes: El Naturalista

  • Organza Dress Арт.1701
  • Dress with Raglan Sleeves Арт.1721
  • Dress with Basque Арт.1710
  • Jacquard Dress Арт.1712
  • Jacket Арт.1723
  • Dress-Shirt of Batiste Арт.1713
  • Top Арт.1706
  • Jacquard Jacket Арт.1719
  • Top with Frill-Belt Арт.1707
  • Wrap-Around Dress of Batiste Арт.1715
  • Top with Asymmetrical Shoulder Strap Арт.1726
  • Jacquard Coat Арт.1711
  • Dress with Asymmetrical Side Арт.1706
  • Shirt with Volant Арт.1714
  • Two-Color Jacket Арт.1728
  • Crop-Top Арт.1704
  • Sarafan with Fly-Away Pocket Арт.
  • Shirt with High Collar Арт.1729
  • Wrap-Around Tunic of Batiste Арт.1716
  • Sarafan Арт.1722
  • Jacket with Decorated Pocket Арт.1717
  • Composite Skirt Арт.1727
  • Wrap-Around Skirt Арт.1705
  • Skirt of Asymmetrical Cut Арт.1708
  • Trousers Арт.1725
  • Wrap-Around Trousers Арт.1724
  • Culottes Арт.1718
  • Wrap-Around Double Trousers Арт.1703
  • Jacquard Shorts Арт.1720
  • Belt "Obi" Арт.1702
  • Shortened Trousers Арт.1731